Breaking Down Cybercrime

This course is not currently eligible for AAP or APRP credits due to length

Malicious cyber activity threatens the safety and security of financial and intellectual property – including payments rails. Schemes continue to grow and evolve, targeting legitimate businesses, nonprofits, governments, and other public-sector organizations. Fraudsters are looking to exploit gaps in information security. Instructor introduces the terminology and basic concepts of the current threat landscape of identity theft. These schemes include business email compromise, vendor impersonation fraud, and payroll impersonation fraud; and will discuss why fraudsters are motivated to attack using ploys such as spear-phishing, social engineering, email spoofing, and malware. Instructor then provides sound practices to combat these threats, discussing measures for end users to ensure their internal controls will guard against and mitigate these scams, and the importance of maintaining agility to adapt as schemes change. 

Prerequisites: None

Level: Intermediate

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the cybercrime threat landscape and the impact on stakeholders.
  • Identify the various techniques by which cybercrimes are perpetrated.
  • Realize ‘why’ fraudsters are motivated to attack in this manner.
  • Take away guidance on achieving and maintaining safety and security within their organization’s internal controls.

Skills: Cybercrime; Identification; Attention to Detail; Mitigation


Jeanette A. Fox, AAP, Nacha


[Recording] Breaking Down Cybercrime