Check Risks, presented by EPCOR

*This course is not eligible for AAP or APRP Continuing Education Credits

The check payment system is one of the oldest forms of making a payment and just like any other payment system, there are risks involved. The introduction of electronic checks helped speed up check processing, however; there were additional risks that accompanied moving from paper to electronic. Learn what risks are involved in processing paper checks and electronic checks (check images) and possible ways your financial institution may mitigate those risks.

Prerequisites (if any): None 

Level: Beginner

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the various check payments risks.
  • Implement check risk mitigation methods.
  • Discover check products your institution offers that might pose a higher risk.
  • Determine check products that help mitigate check payment risks.

Skills Covered in this Course: Risk assessment, Risk management, Risk responsibility


Marcy Cauthon, Director On-Demand Education, EPCOR


Introduction to Check Risk
Part 1 - Risk Management
Part 2 - Credit Risk
Part 3- Cross-Channel Risk
Part 4 - Fraud Risk
Part 5 - Operational Risk
Part 6 - Strategic Risk & Conclusion