For the Novice: ACH Participants Explained

*This course is currently not worth AAP or APRP credits due to length

When entering a new field, it is imperative to learn common terms in order to lay a foundation for additional learning. ACH newcomers often struggle to understand who is who in the ACH process flow because the nomenclature is unfamiliar. For the Novice: ACH Participants Explained will provide a description, in layman’s language, of the main players in an ACH transaction.

The first chapter in the module will be an overview of the ACH transaction flow as a level setting exercise. The chapters that follow will cover the role of each ACH participant in the transaction flow and its fundamental responsibilities under the Nacha Operating Rules.

Questions answered by this session:

  1. Who are the main participants in an ACH transaction?
  2. What is each participant’s role?

Prerequisites: None

Level: Beginner

Learning Outcome: Attendees will have a basic understanding of the participants in the ACH transaction and will be prepared to explore the roles and responsibilities of each ACH participant in more detail.

Skills Covered in this Course: ACH Basics, ODFI, RDFI, ACH Operator, Originator, Receiver, Third-Party Service Provider


Danita Tyrrell, AAP, APRP, Nacha


Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - The Originator
Part 3 - The ODFI
Part 4 - The ACH Operators
Part 5 - The RDFI
Part 6 - The Receiver
Part 7 - Conclusion
Course Review Questions